Industrial Electrical is a proud distributor for Sterling Electric Products. Introducing the new Unique SSR2000 Series ALL Stainless Steel Inline Helical Reducers and Gearmotors. Product features a corrosion resistant solution to the Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries with electro-polished surfaces provided as standard, to decrease the growth of bacteria. STANDARD CONSTRUCTION FEATURES: 304 Cast Stainless […]

Solving premature bearing failures with Shaft Grounding techniques is a Mechanical Solution to an Electrical Issue. Grounding Rings do not get rid of the destructive currents. They simply and effectively provide a path to motor casing. If the electric motor casing is not properly grounded, that stray current can and will go into other parts […]

The Primary Purpose of a VFD is to turn the Shaft of an Electric Motor Efficiently and Reliably. Wouldn’t you want your drive to be built by the industry’s leading Industrial Motor Manufacturer? Introducing the new All Purpose Variable Frequency Drive from Toshiba. This new VFD is the latest version of the AS drive series […]