Welder Services

Welder Services

Welder Services

Keeping your welder equipment in top condition is crucial to ensuring your facility runs smoothly. When your welding machines aren’t working properly, count on Industrial Electrical Company (IEC) for reliable solutions, repairs and calibrations.

Welder equipment can go offline due to various complications, such as failed engine drives, dirty filters and worn-out drive rolls. At IEC, we have the tools and expertise to perform any welder machine repair. Our expert technicians are factory-certified and provide exceptional service when restoring your welding capabilities. We serve a diverse range of industrial clients, so we have the experience to tackle virtually any repair or maintenance need.

Electrical/Engine-Driven Service and Repair

Engine-driven welders are durable machines that offer high levels of performance in even the most rugged environmental conditions. They are essential to many outdoor applications where no electric power is available for arc welding, powering job site equipment such as: 

  • Fans
  • Pumps
  • Air compressors

Engine-driven welders need regular care and maintenance to meet these functional demands. At IEC, our expert technicians provide vital maintenance and welding services to improve weld quality and save your business time and money.

Welder Services

Automated Robotics Systems Service and Repair

An inoperative robotic welder system can halt your operations, costing your business time and money. At IEC, our factory-certified technicians provide reliable repair solutions to get your equipment back up and running. We deliver high-quality repairs on all your robotic motors, amplifiers, boards and pendants.

We also offer maintenance services to ensure your robotic system provides optimal performance at all times. We perform meticulous inspections and make any necessary adjustments to help you avoid downtime and extend your machine’s life span.

Plasma Cutter Service and Repair

For many manufacturers, plasma cutters are a key component in the production process, allowing producers to cut and manipulate metals with ease and precision. When your plasma cutter goes down, you need solutions fast. The certified technicians at IEC have the expertise to service these complex machines and provide equipment repairs that minimize equipment damage and facility downtime.

Whether your plasma cutter is down, delivering poor cut quality or simply in need of maintenance, IEC can restore your machine to optimal functionality.

Welder Services

Trusted Service Provider for All Major Welder Brands in Central California and Western Nevada

IEC has over 85 years of industry expertise. We are a one-stop shop service provider and a warranty center for all major welder brands. Customers throughout Central California and western Nevada rely on us for solutions that reduce downtime and boost efficiency.

Our factory-trained technicians have the skills and experience to make complex welding equipment repairs. We stay updated on all the latest industry solutions to deliver the most effective, reliable service. All of our repairs are fully tested under load to ensure your equipment will operate properly when it’s back in service at your facility.

Welder Services

Contact Us for Expert Welder Services

When you work with us, you can rest assured we’ll keep your welding equipment operating at factory specifications. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our welder services.

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