Nidec Electric

Nidec Electric

Industrial Electrical Nidec Motor Corporation (US Motors) is a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial motors and controls. Full line features a full range of NEMA Premium electric motors, Vertical Pump Motors, HVAC motors and specialty application motors. Whatever you need you can count on Industrial Electrical Company to be your resource.

Nidec Electric

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Nidec Electric


As the world of technology evolves rapidly, so does Nidec. Nidec electric motors can power almost anything that moves with ultralight machinery. Their high-performance electric motors can accommodate various manufacturing, automotive, robotics, healthcare and HVAC needs. Expand your idea of lighter, thinner, shorter and smaller electric motors — Nidec has the machinery to revolutionize how you do business.

Nidec prioritizes power-efficient brushless electric motors that allow you to create quiet, long-lasting, compact and easy-to-control technologies throughout your production line. Manufacture energy-efficient vehicles, appliances, robotics and agricultural technologies with these products. With our stock of Nidec electric motors, you can power a successful operation into the future of manufacturing.

Nidec Electric
Nidec Electric

Metric Frame Motors

  • Pulp / Paper Duty Motors
  • Lumber / Aggregate Duty Motors
  • Mining / Steel / Textile Duty Motors
  • Food / Beverage Duty Motors
  • Oil / Gas Duty Motors

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Vertical Pump Motors

  • Hollowshaft High Thrust Pump Motors
  • Solid Shaft High Thrust Pump Motors
  • Medium & Normal Thrust Duty Motors
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Variable Speed Duty Motors

  • Conveyors / Crane Motors
  • Positive Displacement Pump Motors
  • Variable Torque Duty Motors
  • Packaging / Wastewater Duty Motors
  • HVAC Duty Motors

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NEMA General Purpose Motors

  • ODP / TEFC Enclosures
  • UNIMOUNT Enclosures
  • CORRO-Duty
  • IEEE 841 Plus
  • Cooling Tower Duty Motors
  • TITAN Large Frame Motors
  • Medium Voltage Motors

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Nidec Electric
Nidec Electric

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