Power Generation

Electrical Services for Power Generation

Power Generation

Power generation facilities provide light and energy for thousands of homes, businesses, schools and hospitals across the country. When something goes wrong at one of these facilities, it results in widespread outages that interrupt essential functions of our communities.

At Industrial Electrical Company, we understand how crucial it is to minimize downtime at your electrical power generation facility. Our experienced team can provide the reliable services and products you need to keep your facility functioning, including electrical contracting, electrical motor and power transmission, generator services, installation, predictive maintenance and emergency repairs.

Backup Generators for Power Plants

Power generation facilities often rely on a dependable generator system that kicks on to keep things moving during an emergency to avoid outages. At IEC, we provide comprehensive generator services for power plants, including finding and installing your ideal generators. We also provide regular preventive maintenance to ensure your generators remain in top condition so they’re ready to work whenever you need them.

Electrical Contracting Services

Our team of union electricians provides a wide range of electric services for power plants, including upgrades to existing electrical systems and installations of new turnkey solutions. We can design new backup generator power systems or help upgrade your current energy production mechanisms to optimize your production process.

We complete our full-service electrical contracting programs with minimal downtime, allowing your facility to remain nearly uninterrupted throughout the service.

Electric Motor Services for Power Plants

Electric motors power every aspect of industrial production — especially when the industry is power generation. Whether your facility produces energy through fossil fuels, hydroelectric or another source, every step of your production likely includes at least one AC/DC electric motor that needs regular upkeep to remain functional.

Our team at IEC can help you ensure every electric motor in your facility is at its best and avoid preventable breakdowns through regular preventive maintenance and inspections.

Emergency Repair Services

At IEC, we aim to provide you with reliable electrical services that go above and beyond. If an emergency breakdown occurs at your power plant, our technicians are available 24/7 to provide prompt assistance and find the best solution to get your facility back up and running with minimal downtime.

Why Trust IEC?

For more than eight decades, IEC has provided exceptional electrical services to businesses like yours. We’ve worked hard to earn our reputation as the most trusted electrical/mechanical contractor in California’s Central Valley. Our clients know they can rely on IEC to provide professional electrical/mechanical services like electrical contracting, product sales, industrial field services, generator services, emergency repairs and anything else you need.

IEC serves a diverse selection of industrial clients, so we’ve got the experience we need to take on almost any repair, installation or electric problem-solving situation. We are a full-service company, functioning as a one-stop solutions provider for all of your power production needs.

Power Generation

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Our team at IEC is dedicated to providing you with services that exceed your expectations every time, from top-quality products to prompt and professional installation, repairs or maintenance. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about our services for power plants.

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