Electrical Services for Municipalities


From small boroughs to large cities, one thing all municipalities in the California Central Valley have in common is that they rely on a steady stream of energy to run smoothly. That energy powers government buildings, courthouses, schools and streetlights, which all contribute to keeping your municipality safe, happy and organized.

Industrial Electrical Company has been helping municipalities like yours find reliable energy solutions for more than 85 years. Our team offers a wide range of electrical services for municipalities that help ensure you’re never without power for long, including standby power systems, electric motor services, installation, maintenance and emergency services and repairs.

Municipality Electrical Contracting Services

As a full-service electrical company, we offer electrical contracting services for municipalities from initial designing stages through building, installation and comprehensive, ongoing support. Our union electricians have extensive knowledge of safe wiring practices and electrical code, so we get the job done right every time for renovations and new builds.

We’ll create a plan around your schedule, specifications and budget to ensure you get exactly what you need with minimal interruptions to your municipality’s everyday functions.

Electric Motor Services

Industrial and commercial facilities in your area use electric motors of all kinds to power various electrical  systems. At IEC, we offer a range of electric motor services for municipalities, including AC/DC electric motor maintenance and repairs.

Through regular preventive maintenance, we’ll keep your electric motors at their best and help extend their lifespan, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns that cause outages. When a breakdown does occur, our team of skilled technicians can repair your electric motor quickly, getting you back to work with minimal downtime.

Generator Services for Municipalities 

The best way to ensure your municipality always has the power to remain functional is with a reliable backup generator system that can take over in the event of an outage. Our team at IEC can supply reliable backup generators, install them and provide ongoing preventive care so they’re always ready when you need them.

Emergency Repair Services

Unexpected breakdowns and outages can cause significant interruptions in the day-to-day functions of your municipality. IEC offers 24/7 emergency repair services to minimize downtime and restore your system so you can keep your community running smoothly. Our expert technicians will quickly evaluate and identify the cause of your breakdown and find the best solutions to get your facilities back in working order.

Why Choose Industrial Electrical Company?

As a municipality, you have thousands of citizens relying on you to provide the services they need. You need an electrical service partner you can rely on to help. At IEC, we provide you with a full range of electrical services including electric motor maintenance, welder services, and more that take care of everything you need, from designing and installing new or upgraded electrical systems to maintaining your electric motors and generators and repairing breakdowns. We have locations in Fresno and Modesto


Get in Touch With Our Experts

IEC strives to provide the best services and products alongside exceptional customer care. We take the time to understand your needs and requests and work hard to surpass your expectations every time. Connect with our friendly service team today to learn more about our services for your municipality.

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