ABB-Baldor-Reliance Electric

ABB-Baldor-Reliance Electric

Industrial Electrical Company is a proud distributor for ABB Motors (formerly Baldor Electric Company). ABB-Baldor-Reliance offers a range of products from sub-fractional to 100,000 horsepower including NEMA, IEC, AC, DC, Variable Speed, Synchronous Reluctance, and Servo motors. 

ABB-Baldor-Reliance Electric

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ABB-Baldor-Reliance Electric

Baldor Electric Motors for Various Applications 

ABB has an extensive line of low-voltage AC and DC motors, including: 

  • Servo motors: Motors that control positioning, efficiency and speed in industrial applications like labeling, wrapping, packaging and cutting
  • Variable speed motors: NEMA and IEC designs that offer consistent torque across the entire operating speed range 
  • AC motors: Long-lasting power for HVAC systems, farm equipment, high-pressure cleaning and severe duty applications
  • Large AC motors: AC power for medium and large equipment
  • DC motors: Reliable round-field and round-frame DC motors for the toughest applications
ABB-Baldor-Reliance Electric
ABB-Baldor-Reliance Electric

Servo Motors

  • AC Brushless HDS
  • AC Brushless N-Series
  • Servo Gearmotors
  • AC Brushless C-Series
  • AC Brushless Stainless Steel

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Variable Speed Motors

  • RPMAC Motors
  • AC VS Master Motors
  • AC Inverter/Vector Duty
  • Cooling Tower Motors
  • RPM XE

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DC Motors

  • Fraction DC Motors
  • Integrual DC Motors
  • Permanent Magnet DC Motors

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Large AC Motors

  • Large Induction Motors
  • Large Synchronous Motors
  • Medium Voltage

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AC Motors

  • General Purpose
  • Severe Duty
  • Pump Motors
  • Fan Motors
  • Washdown Duty
  • HVAC

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ABB-Baldor-Reliance Electric
ABB-Baldor-Reliance Electric

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