SUMITOMO is one of the largest manufacturers in power transmission products on the globe. Leader in innovation and unmatched compact torque producing components. Ideal for the Food & Beverage and Water & Wastewater industries. Robust and durable for the Mining and aggregate industry.




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Sumitomo Drive Technologies

Enhance your production capabilities with the technology to drive your business forward. We are a proud distributor of Sumitomo products, built to make your operation more user friendly, efficient and practical. Sumitomo Drive Technologies features a robust product list, including the Bevel Buddy Box and Cyclo 6000.

Sumitomo Cyclo products help create new manufacturing successes with unique “gearless” technology. These cycloidal speed reducers offer quieter, more efficient operation. Even the most challenging applications can benefit from this one-of-a-kind gearbox. With the Bevel Buddy Box, you can enjoy high torque capacity and power for your large production needs. Discover new solutions from Sumitomo products!


Concentric Gearmotors

  • Cyclo 6000
  • Seisa Planetary
  • Cyclo Servo 100
  • Cyclo Centrifuge
  • Fine Cyclo
  • Cyclo Overhead


Right Angle

  • Cyclo Bevel Buddybox 5 Series
  • Paramoz 9000
  • Hyponic
  • Hansen P4
  • Hedcon


Large Industrial

  • Paramax
  • Hansen
  • Seisa Planetary


Offset Parallel

  • Cyclo Helical Buddybox
  • Helical Shaft Mount
  • Paramax 9000
  • Paramax legacy
  • Hansen P4


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