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 SEW EurodriveIndustrial Electrical Company is an authorized SEW Eurodrive Products distributor. From gearmotors and heavy industrial gears, to drive electronics, software and complete drive-based automation systems, SEW Eurodrive tailors its drive solutions to the needs of your applications.



SEW Eurodrive

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SEW Eurodrive

SEW Eurodrive

SEW Eurodrive products make operating a productive manufacturing system simple. As a leader in power transmission and motion control solutions, SEW Eurodrive carries the products to manage your industrial needs. Keep your company moving forward with personalized drive systems, control software, industrial gears and electric motors from SEW Eurodrive.

As a SEW Eurodrive distributor, we help you manage production needs and costs with the equipment that works best for you. You can easily adjust the gears, mounting positions and software of your SEW Eurodrive products and assemble each product in thousands of configurations for your business. Achieve new manufacturing goals with controlled solutions from SEW Eurodrive.

SEW Eurodrive
SEW Eurodrive

Standard Gearmotors

  • Helical Gearmotor R Series
  • Parallel Shaft Helical
  • Helical Bevel K Series
  • Helical Worm S Series
  • Stainless Steel Gear Units
  • VARIMONT Variable Speed

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Industrial Gears

  • X Series Helical & Bevel
  • MC Series Helical & Bevel
  • ML Series Helical & Bevel
  • P..2 Series Helical & Bevel
  • P.MC Series Helical-Bevel Panitary

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  • AC Motors DRE, DRS, DRP, DRN
  • AC Motor DT/DV Series
  • Aseptic Drives DAS Series

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Drive Systems

  • Fieldbus Interface
  • MOVIGEAR Mechatronic Drive System

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Variable Frequency Drives

  • MOVITRAC Frequency Inverter
  • MOVIDRIVE Inverter

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Servo Drive Technology

  • Servo Gear Unit
  • Geared Servo Motor
  • Servo Inverter

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SEW Eurodrive
SEW Eurodrive

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