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We provide multiple industries in San Francisco with the following services. 

San Francisco

You depend on your electrical equipment to keep your operation running smoothly. You risk severe damages and expensive downtime without the proper maintenance, repair and installation services. Industrial Electrical Company offers a range of electrical services to meet all your industrial or commercial needs. Trust our team to get the job done quickly, efficiently and effectively. 

Industrial Electrical Contracting in San Francisco

As San Francisco’s expert commercial electrical contractors, we’re here to help with your industrial or commercial electrical needs. IEC’s team delivers reliable services, allowing you to keep your operation on track. Our union electricians can handle everything from repairs and installations to maintenance calls. We can help with lighting, electric motors, medium-voltage systems, machinery hookups and power distribution, reducing your downtime and keeping your business safe. 

If you’re developing a new project, we also offer design-build services. Get personalized electrical systems that fit your unique needs with our skilled team. 

Electrical Motor Services

Need electric motor servicing? Our team can repair AC and DC electric motors, allowing you to keep your motor in top condition. We’ll work closely with you to find and solve the issue and create a long-term maintenance plan to keep the unit running smoothly. IEC will give you insights into any potential issues you’re facing, ensuring you have a strategy that reduces problems for a more productive operation. 

Standby Generator Services

Ensure your business is safe and protected with our generator repair and maintenance services. IEC can handle a range of generator styles and sizes, giving you the power you need during outages. Taking preventive measures with our generator services improves your machine’s safety and efficiency to ensure it doesn’t go out when you need it most. 

If your standby generator goes down during an outage, contact IEC for San Francisco emergency generator repair. We’ll analyze your issue and repair your generator to get you up and running in no time. 

Welding Equipment Services

Maintaining welding equipment is essential for any business. Equipment can fail or break down without proper maintenance, leading to expensive downtime and repairs. IEC offers welding equipment services to companies in San Francisco to keep your equipment working efficiently. If you need repairs, calibrations or other welding machinery services, we can help. Our expert team ensures your machines are in their best condition for a more efficient operation. 

Emergency Services

Unexpected issues can happen at any moment. When your electrical system goes down, you must act quickly to reduce problems and downtime. IEC’s certified technicians in San Francisco are ready 24/7 to provide emergency services. We handle everything — troubleshooting, maintenance and repairs — to minimize your downtime and help your company function smoothly again. 

Get Comprehensive Electrical Contracting Services in San Francisco

As an expert company in industrial and commercial electrical contracting services, IEC enables your business to stay operational. We have decades of experience installing, repairing and maintaining various electrical systems across industries. If you want to get a more efficient electrical experience and reduce your system downtime, contact us online today


San Francisco

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