TECO Westinghouse

Industrial Electrical Company is an authorized Teco Westinghouse distributor. Teco Westinghouse has over 100 years of electric motor industry experience and provides quality electric motors, generators and drives for many applications.


Single Phase Motors

Medium Voltage TEFC Motors


Three Phase ODP Motors

  • Cast Iron ODP NEMA Premium
  • Global-MAX Standard Efficiency
  • Oil Well Pump
  • Rolled Steel ODP/JP/JM
  • Rolled Steel ODP NEMA Premium

Variable Frequency Drives

  • L510 Micro Drive
  • E510 Compact Drive
  • E510 NEMA 4X12 Drive
  • F510 Fan & Pump Drive
  • A510 Heavy Duty Drive
  • EQ7 Multi Purpose Drive
  • Custom Panel Packages Avalable

Medium Voltage ODP Motors

  • GLOBAL-HD Energy Efficient WPI

Vertical Hollow Shaft WP1 Motors

  • MAX-VHP™ Vertical Hollow Shaft WP1
  • MAX-VH™ Vertical Hollow Shaft WP1

Three Phase TEFC Motors

  • 2 Speed, 1 Winding, Variable Torque
  • 3-Phase Fractional HP
  • Closed Coupled Pump JP/JM
  • MAX-E1® NEMA Premium Footed
  • MAX-E1® NEMA Premium Footless
  • MAX-E1® NEMA Premium C-Face
  • MAX-E2/841™ NEMA Premium Footed
  • MAX-E2/841™ NEMA Premium SD
  • MAX-E2® NEMA Premium SD
  • MAX-HT™ HT Crusher
  • MAX-PE™
  • MAX-SE™ Round Body C-Face
  • NEMA Premium Washdown
  • Rolled Steel NEMA Premium
  • Stainless Steel Washdown NEMA Premium
  • TEXP NEMA Premium Explosion Proof
  • TEXP NEMA Premium EXP C-Face Round