Industrial generators are the backbone of your facility in the event of an outage. Ensuring your facility has industrial generators is important, and preventing them from potential failure with preventive maintenance is even more imperative to your facility. Power outages are common, especially in California due to extreme weather conditions and other impactful elements. Learn […]

The money spent purchasing an electric motor will be the least amount that motor will ever cost you. The amount you can save in energy consumption will pay for your new motor. Then after it simply is just less cost for you to operate. Don’t believe it? Prove it with our new Efficiency Calculator. The return on investment could really pay off.

The Lenze SMVector with Integral Disconnect is available in a rugged NEMA 4X (IP65) indoor enclosure ideal for many industries incl
uding Food / Beverage, Waste Water, Chemical Metering and Processing, Pharmaceuticals and more. The integral disconnect switch offers the ability to isolate the motor for maintenance and servicing. Also – the disconnect switch handle is lockable and is made of red and yellow materials for high visibility.

When you need a motor controller that can withstand the environment without a costly enclosure. The SMVector Series is available in NEMA 1 (IP31), NEMA 4X (IP65) and NEMA 4X (IP65) Type 4X (IP65) enclosures are available for either indoor use, suitable for most indoor industrial environments; or indoor/outdoor use that offers UV protection and has higher impact strength at low temperatures.

Power Ranges Include

  • 120/240V – 1Phase Input, up to 1.5 HP
  • 200/240V – 1 or 3 Phase Input, up to 3.0 HP
  • 200/240V – 3 Phase Input, up to 20 HP
  • 400/480V – 3 Phase Input, up to 30 HP
  • 480/600V – 3 Phase Input, up to 30 HP

Programmable digital and analog I/O allow the drive to be configured for many application specific tasks such as multiple preset speeds, electronic braking and motor jogging to name a few. Like all Lenze – AC Tech sub-micro drives, the SMVector uses EPM memory technology for fast and efficient programming.

Overload Capacity

  • 150 % overload for 60 sec’s
  • 200 % for 15 sec’s (up to 7.5 kW)
  • 180 % overload for 15 sec‘s (11 kW to 22 kW)

Motor Control Features

  • Auxiliary ramp to stop
  • UL approved motor thermal overload protection system
  • Motor brake controller
  • Dual Acceleration/Declaration rates
  • 8 preset speeds
  • Flying restart
  • DC Injection braking
  • S ramps
  • Motor Flux Braking
  • Pump rinse/Fan Purge
  • 16 step Sequencer

The Lenze SMVector offers Economic, Simplistic and Robust Protection solutions to controlling your electric motor. Also offering state of the art communication to easily network with your existing controls and automation.

Industrial Electrical Company is your stocking distributor paired with a fully staffed technical staff capable of Turn Key Installations, Troubleshooting, Warranty Support, and your continued support team as long as you own this equipment.

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Lenze SMVector Washdown Duty [PDF]

Switch-Rated Safety Anywhere a Power Connection is Needed

If you currently use the typical Pin & Sleeve type Plug and Receptacle to connect a power source to your equipment; you likely often consider these safety risks.

  • Disconnection of plug while energized could result in an arc flash event
  • Potential for exposure of live conductors when the plug is removed from the receptacle
  • Connection while energized may weld contacts together damaging plug and receptacle
  • Mechanical interlocking may fail resulting in an energized plug and receptacle
  • Verification of zero energy requires testing of the requires disconnect switch

If you’re seeking a Better and Safer way to connect to power; I recommend the Meltric Switch Rated Plug & Receptacle. Make and break connections without exposure to live parts or arc flash. Zero risk under “normal operation”. Designed to safely make and break connection under full load up to 75HPand 200A. Capable of connecting up to 6ea. Aux Contacts. Removal of the plug provides visual verification of de-energization, without voltage testing. NO PPE is REQUIRED (NFPA70E Compliant).

  • Dead-Front Safety Shutter
  • Silver-nickel spring loaded contacts
  • Quick-break operating mechanisms
  • Integral lockout provisions
  • Spring assisted terminals
  • Washdown rated type 4X Spring Loaded Cover

Washdown rated type 4X Spring Loaded Cover
One of the primary keys is in the Safety Shutter on the Receptacle. Shutter automatically closes before the plug can be removed. Eliminates unintended access to live parts and arc flash. Shutter can only be opened by an electrically compatible plug.

Once disconnected; Line of Sight and Lock-Out Tag-Out can be accomplished.

When connected to power the coupled female receptacle and male plug join as a NEMA 3R/4X unit.

If you are looking for Life Safety, Ease of Use, Durability and Reliably you may consider the Meltric Plug & Receptical for you power connection needs.

Meltric Decontactors [PDF]

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