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Assisted Living Electrical Services

Assisted Living

When it comes to assisted living and other health care facilities, reliability is vital. These facilities depend on many electrical-based systems to care for their residents or patients, including those supporting medical equipment as well as lighting, fire and security programs. Electric motors and generators power these machines for people in senior care centers, nursing homes and other assisted living situations. Residents often rely on electricity for devices that manage severe health problems, which makes dependable service all the more critical.

Industrial Electrical Company understands the unique power challenges facing health care facilities. We have over 85 years of experience with a wide range of industries, including senior care and nursing homes. Our team is dedicated to providing the best electrical services for assisted living through contracting, installation, maintenance and emergency repairs.

Electrical Contracting

We offer a selection of electrical services for assisted living and other facilities that count on consistent industrial performance. If you’re interested in installing or upgrading your electrical systems, we can help you through the process with comprehensive support. Our full-service electrical contracting programs keep downtime to a minimum — essential for assisted living facilities — and cut back on the need to use multiple vendors.

Electric Motor and Generator Services

Electric motor and generator sales, maintenance and repairs are among our most popular services. Electric motors provide power for numerous systems in various types of facilities. We’ll help you keep those AC/DC motors and other power sources at their best throughout their life span. We also offer generator installation and maintenance to ensure you stay connected to power during outages or surges. Since planned upkeep greatly decreases the chances of unexpected failures, preventive maintenance is a key component of IEC’s senior living electrical services.

Emergency Services

However, if an emergency does occur, Industrial Electrical Company is ready at any time of the day or night. Our emergency electrical services for assisted living facilities are available 24/7, every day. We know how important a rapid response is when dealing with health care centers and medical equipment. Whether you experience an electric motor breakdown, unplanned power outage or an emergency requiring electrical service, IEC technicians will provide prompt assistance to identify and troubleshoot the issue to find the best solution.

Why IEC Is the Right Partner for You

You need a partner you can trust when your business is looking to install, maintain or repair the electrical systems that help keep people alive. That’s why IEC is the best full-service electrical company to meet your needs in California’s Central Valley. We have locations in Fresno and Modesto and we’re serious about what we do and who we serve. You can rely on our assisted living electrical services to provide the consistency your residents depend on.

Our machine shop uses state-of-the-art technology for in-house repairs and our team performs on-site field services with cutting-edge tools to get the job done. From our skilled sales staff to the certified technicians available to tackle emergency repairs 24/7, Industrial Electrical Company is the trusted partner you’re looking for.

Assisted Living

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