Basics of Industrial Electricity Training Course 

Basics of Industrial Electricity Training Course 

Our Basics of Industrial Electricity Training Course is certified by the National Technology Transfer, Inc. The training is CEU-eligible depending on your state or local licensing agency. 

This training will teach the rudimentary concepts of electricity, including voltage, current, wiring, switches and circuits as well as how they apply to electrical devices. You will then learn how to safely and efficiently troubleshoot, wire or repair electrical systems with the correct tools and equipment.

The Basics of Industrial Electricity Training Course does not require a prerequisite. Classes usually include 15 participants or less. Textbooks, manuals and other course materials will be provided to you and are covered in the cost of the course. 

Course Curriculum

The electrical control circuits training course curriculum follows an intuitive knowledge-building structure with lectures and hands-on lab exercises. 

Basic Electricity

Basic electricity training will form a foundation for the rest of the course. You will learn about current, calculations, Ohm’s Law, Kirchhoff’s Laws and more.

Multimeter Basics

Multimeter basics training includes education about analog and digital multimeters, solenoid meters and accessories. 

Electrical Safety

You will learn about basic safety guidelines and the different forms of safety equipment that electricians use. 

Wiring Devices

Common wiring devices training includes measuring voltage receptacles, learning about the types/grades of current, probing circuits, GFCI connections and more.

Lighting and Heating

You will learn about the different types of lamps, preheat, rapid start, instant start and resistance.  

Raceways and Conductors

You will learn about raceways and conductors, including solid and stranded conductors, cables and conduits.


Wiring education includes training on split bolts, terminal blocks and low-voltage circuits. 

Tools and Test Equipment

You will learn about electricians’ various tools and equipment, from cutting tools and measuring devices to voltage and continuity testers. 

Generators and Transformers

From DC power sources and voltmeters to AC generators, you will learn about the various generators and transformers.

Solid-state Devices

We will cover solid-state devices, including resistor color codes, resistor boards, rectifiers and solid-state switches. 

Protective Devices 

You will learn about the various protective devices like sensors and lights, testing fuses and circuit breakers.

Electrical Drawing and Symbols

The electrical drawing and symbols module includes education on blueprints, NEMA symbols and schematics.


You will learn about the various electrical motors and their constructions, including single-phase, three-phase and DC motors. You will also learn about the theory of operation.

Who is this course designed for?

There are no course prerequisites. Those with various skills and knowledge levels can benefit from an electrical control circuit training course. For example, this continuing education course can help:

  • Electrician apprentices
  • HVAC, fire alarm, maintenance, repair or other technicians
  • Machine operators
  • Facility managers and supervisors 
  • Building, stationary or other engineers 

What are the outcomes of this course?

After you complete the Basics of Industrial Electricity course, you will:

  • Understand the fundamentals of industrial electricity.
  • Know how electrical control fundamentals apply to electrical devices.
  • Receive a certification of completion that will prepare you for the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) testing. A certified organization must administer NATE testing. 
Basics of Industrial Electricity Training Course 

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