Industrial Electrical Company is an authorized Toshiba Industrial Products distributor. Toshiba Motors & Drives division offers a full range of low and medium voltage motors and adjustable speed drives. These products, hallmarked for quality, performance, and durability, can be customized to meet the most demanding applications.




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With Toshiba electric motors and drives, you can soar into the future of manufacturing. For more than 135 years, Toshiba International has helped businesses produce unique, reliable products. Toshiba has created uninterruptible systems by maintaining its spot at the cutting edge of power transmission technologies. Choose from their voltage motors, adjustable speed drives, motor controls, transmission technologies and solid-state starters.

As a single-source solutions provider, Toshiba uses an in-house research, design and testing team to ensure high-quality products. From the world’s smallest medium-voltage drive to an AC induction motor that can reach 50,000 horsepower, Toshiba exceeds all expectations. Discover custom manufacturing designs and products for various applications from Toshiba.

TIC Metric Frame

Metric Frame Motors

  • EQP Global TEFC
  • Tosh-ECP Permanent Magnet, TEFC

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Medium Voltage ODP Motors

  • GLOBAL-HD Energy Efficient WPI
  • GLOBAL-HD Energy Efficient WPII

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Medium Voltage TEFC Motors


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Cooling Tower

  • ¾ HP to 75HP EQP Global Series
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Three Phase ODP Motors

  • Cast Iron ODP NEMA Premium
  • EPACT Standard Efficiency
  • Oil Well Pump
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Three Phase TEFC Motors

  • EQP Global SD NEMA Premium Footed
  • EQP Global SD Top Mount
  • Closed Coupled Pump JP/JM
  • EQP Global SD C-Face
  • EQP Global SDC Premium Footless
  • EQP Global 840
  • EQP Global 840 – C-Face
  • EQP Global 841
  • EQP Global 841 – C-Face
  • EQP Global Explosion Proof
  • Quarry Duty – TEFC
  • EQP Global Brake Motor
  • Vertical P-Base Solid Shaft
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Variable Frequency Drives

  • S15 Micro Drive
  • AS3 Compact Drive
  • G9 Advanced Drive
  • P9 Fan & Pump Drive
  • W7 18 Pulse Drive
  • Plus Pack Nema 3R Drive
  • Medium Voltage Drives
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