Electrical Services for Manufacturing Facilities


The manufacturing industry depends on reliable electricity to power equipment for various tasks, from fabricating products to storing and preparing them for shipping. Each step in the system functions as part of a whole, picking up where the last left off until the final product is complete.

Industrial Electrical Company has more than 85 years of experience ensuring that manufacturing facilities have a reliable power supply and creating custom electrical solutions to meet unique business specifications. We listen carefully to what you need and exceed your expectations with a wide range of industrial electrical services, including electrical manufacturing, welder services, electric motor maintenance and repair, industrial filed services, electrical installation, generator services and emergency repairs.

Electrical Contracting for Manufacturing

Upgrade your existing electrical systems or design and install all-new control centers with our industrial electrical contracting team. Our team of industrial electricians will help you evaluate your process or facility and design customized solutions that streamline production, improve safety and incorporate redundancies to prevent system failures.

From the initial design to the final installation, our team will work alongside yours to ensure we meet all your deadlines, specifications and budgets. We complete each project with minimal downtime, so your work remains uninterrupted.

Electric Motor Services

Electric motors are at the heart of almost any industrial manufacturing process, powering the machines that create and preserve products and keep workers safe. At IEC, we provide electric motor services for manufacturing companies to keep your equipment in the best operating condition and prevent unexpected breakdowns or equipment failures. 

If a breakdown occurs, our experienced technicians have the skills and cutting-edge tools to perform repairs, restore your electric motors and get your production process back on track.

Generator Services for Manufacturing

At IEC, we can help find, install and maintain backup generators for manufacturers. These generators serve as a safety net for manufacturing facilities, ensuring you have a reliable secondary source of power to keep production going if there’s an interruption in the primary power supply, like a blackout or transformer failure.

With ongoing support and preventive maintenance from the experts at IEC, you can be sure your backup generator system is always ready to kick on when you need it most.

Emergency Repair Services

IEC is available 24/7 to perform any system repairs you need to get back to work. Whether you’ve experienced an issue with your electric motors, your power supply or some other electrical component in your system, our union electricians can perform on-the-scene repairs to minimize your downtime.

Why You Should Trust IEC

Industrial Electrical Company understands the rigorous demands of manufacturing. We want to provide the electrical services you need to optimize your production, avoid costly failures and keep your facility running as smoothly as possible. We’ve earned our reputation as the most trusted electrical service providers in the Central Valley and provide the best customer care, products, services and support every time.


Let Us Know What You Need

We believe that each project should be a collaboration with your team, and the first step towards meeting your needs is to have a conversation. Get in touch with our team today to find out what we can do for your manufacturing facility.

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