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Industrial Electric Emergency Services

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Emergency Services
Emergency Services

Your business relies on its power systems and machinery every day. Electrical and mechanical tools are the backbone of industrial operations when it comes to productivity, generating revenue and achieving growth. However, most of us are all too familiar with the consequences of sudden emergencies. Unexpected breakdowns, failures or outages can put a major halt on your operations, causing downtime and resulting in a loss of money and efficiency for your company.

At Industrial Electrical Company, we understand the headaches of unanticipated mechanical malfunctions. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency electrical services and emergency electrical repair for a range of issues and outages that can strike your business at any time. Our technicians are equipped to identify and troubleshoot problems for companies throughout California’s Central Valley and will provide you with peace of mind. Check out our available electric motor and generator repair services to handle your power emergencies. 

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24/7 Electric Motor Repair Maintenance

Businesses rely on electric motors for countless industrial, commercial and municipal purposes, so the sudden loss of a key unit can slow down your entire operation. Whether you’re facing a total motor breakdown, a parts failure or an unknown issue, Industrial Electrical Company technicians will help identify and solve a variety of electric motor-related problems at any time. Our emergency assistance team is ready 24/7 to rewind your AC/DC motors and perform other repairs as needed.

IEC also provides preventive maintenance to help you avoid emergencies in the future. The best way to prevent complete breakdowns is through regular servicing, testing and tuneups that catch potential issues before they become dire.

Emergency Services

24/7 Emergency Generator Repair & Maintenance

Power outages leave your business vulnerable. Generators and uninterruptible power supply (USP) systems help you:

  • Avoid downtime
  • Protect your data 
  • Overcome other challenges associated with power surges and failures.

However, generators can only accomplish these tasks if they are working correctly. Our emergency power outage services are available 24/7 because we understand that power failures can occur at any time. IEC technicians will perform emergency generator repairs to get your business back online as soon as possible. We also offer emergency rental generators to support your systems in the meantime.

Emergency Services

To ensure your generator is ready to run when you need it, Industrial Electrical Company also provides preventative maintenance and electrical service to keep your generators and USP systems performing in top shape. Choose IEC for generator installation and routine maintenance to prevent emergencies down the road.

Put Your Trust in IEC

At IEC, our skilled technicians have the expertise to troubleshoot an array of mechanical and electrical issues. Our state-of-the-art machine shop and well-equipped field service providers have the tools to address your power challenges both in-house and on-site. When you work with IEC, you can trust that you’re in the best hands for emergency repairs as well as after-sales support and maintenance.

Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Contact IEC for Emergency Electrical Services

Industrial Electrical Company offers emergency repairs to quickly address and solve a wide variety of mechanical and electrical failures. Our support staff and technicians are available at any time to handle commercial repairs and help get your business back up and running. Contact us online to get more information on our industrial electric emergency services.

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