Industrial Training

Industrial Training 

Industrial Training

Industrial Electrical Company offers a broad suite of training options to electrical workers in Western Nevada and the Central Valley in California, including Fresno, Modesto, Sacramento and the Bay Area. 

We are your one-stop solution provider for hands-on electrical training, virtual training and other programs covering electrical safety, electrical compliance and electrical maintenance.

Electrical Training Programs We Offer

IEC’s electrical training services follow National Electrical Safety Code (NESC), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), National Electrical Code (NEC), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and other industry codes and standards regarding:

Electrical Safety

Electrical workers must follow the Electrical Safety Model to ensure employees are safe before, during and after electrical work is executed. The Electrical Safety Model — recognizing hazards, evaluating risks and controlling hazards — helps electrical workers create a safe work environment.

IEC’s electrical training services incorporate electrical safety programs to highlight safe practices. This training spotlights the importance of notifying trainers or supervisors about hazards in the workplace.

Electrical Compliance

Many companies work hard to ensure they are compliant with electrical safety to avoid violations and other issues. Understanding electrical compliance is essential for keeping workers safe from electrical hazards.

Regulatory agencies, including OSHA and NFPA, are responsible for outlining standards and requirements for electrical companies to follow to avoid penalties such as fines.

Various organizations and agencies have outlined electrical compliance requirements tailored to specific situations or industries. Examples of electrical compliance regulations include:

  • Wiring types: To ensure safety, electrical workers must use proper materials in electrical equipment.
  • Material quality: Electrical equipment must be replaced or repaired anytime it is damaged to remain in compliance.
  • Wire length: Electrical wire length may depend on factors such as how much current is used.

Electrical Maintenance

Industrial Electrical Company’s electrical training services help individuals gain the skills and knowledge needed to begin a career in Electrical/Mechanical Industrial Maintenance. This field is especially suited to people who love a challenge and hands-on work. IEC’s electrical maintenance training program covers troubleshooting and electrical fundamentals, blueprints, troubleshooting, programmable logic controllers, variable frequency drives and general electrical safety.

An industrial electrical maintenance technician may perform duties such as:

  • Repairing electronic controllers, generators, transformers and motors on industrial robots and machine tools.
  • Advising others as to whether or not equipment’s continued operation could be hazardous.
  • Consulting with maintenance workers, industrial machinery mechanics, line repairers and installers, engineering technicians and engineers about complex electronic devices.
Industrial Training
Industrial Training

Training Offerings

Industrial Electrical Company is in alliance with NTT Inc., and as such, is an official distributor of their training services. If you’re looking for industry-leading electrical training services in Central California and Western Nevada, feel free to send any inquiries to our team directly.

IEC’s electrical training offerings include:

  • Hands-on electrical training: Using NTT’s custom-built training equipment, IEC offers a combination of hands-on labs and interactive lectures.
  • On-site and off-site training: IEC’s in-person electrical training can be conducted at one of our designated classrooms, or directly on-site at your facility for a true hands-on experience.
  • Online training (both live classes and self-paced): Our online simulations assessments help qualifying workers establish a documented process.
  • Custom training: We’ll work with you to develop custom course material to meet your specific needs.
  • Certifications: We deliver certification assessments and exam-prep classes.

Student Feedback

“Very detailed and easy to learn! An eye-opener on safety practices”

“Great information. Scott does a great job … best class I have taken”

“What I appreciated about Skeeter is his technical knowledge
and real life work experience”

“Best part of the class is the hands on labs with the electrical panels”

Ask Us About Onsite Training at Your Facility

Standard or custom curriculums to fit your specific needs.

Industrial Training

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With over 85 years of experience and expertise, IEC provides electrical solutions designed to boost efficiency and reduce downtime.  Industrial Electrical Company offers best-in-class services for the electrical industry. Let our team help you stay current with all your electrical education needs, and get in touch today.

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