Electrical Services for Agriculture


Over the last several years, recent advancements in the agriculture industry have changed how you farm. Farms, vineyards and processing plants of all sizes now depend on electricity and electrical services more than ever. Irrigation systems and water pumps, lighting, storage facilities and data management programs rely on electrical infrastructure to keep up with the demands of modern agriculture. These developments can increase productivity and your farm or vineyard’s yield each year. 

As a full-service electrical company with over 85 years of experience, Industrial Electrical Company understands the ever-changing electrical demands of the agriculture industry. Our knowledge of the field and past work with agricultural clients give us insight into the challenges you face on your farm or vineyard. We offer a range of electrical services for the agriculture industry, including contracting, installation, maintenance and repairs. Our comprehensive solutions ensure you have everything you need for a successful crop year after year.

IEC’s Capabilities

When it comes to agricultural power challenges, Industrial Electrical Company is your one-stop shop for electrical solutions. Our sales staff and technicians have the expertise to find you the equipment and services you need to maintain your farm or vineyard. We provide electrical contracting for agriculture along with installation and repairs. Whether you need electric motors for rotary motion or generators to keep your farm up and running during potential outages, we’re here to help.

We also offer preventive maintenance and emergency repair service for your agricultural operation. Routine care is the best way to keep equipment in top condition throughout its life span, but if an unexpected problem does occur, IEC offers 24/7 emergency availability. Our around-the-clock service options ensure you’ll be prepared for power outages and breakdowns to prevent unproductive downtime or crop spoilage. 

The Right Partner for You

If you’re looking for a reliable partner in agriculture electrical services, our Industrial Electrical Company team is the best fit. With decades of experience in agriculture and other industries, we understand the demands and necessities of the current market. We take our job seriously and approach every project with the industry knowledge and professional care you deserve. Our skilled sales staff, certified technicians and other dedicated employees work 24/7 to ensure you get the emergency service you need.

Our state-of-the-art machine shop located in Modesto has the tools and equipment to tackle any repair or scheduled maintenance request. IEC also offers a range of field services to meet you where you are. Whether you need agriculture electrical services in-house or on-site, we’ll be there with the best equipment in the industry.


Contact Us Today

At IEC, we’re proud to offer industrial electrical services for agriculture enterprises like farms and vineyards throughout California’s Central Valley and beyond. We know the critical importance of maintaining electrical equipment like generators and electric motors to keep up with your operation’s demands all year round. Our team is eager to help you meet the agriculture industry’s unique power challenges with our sales, maintenance and repair services. Contact us online for more information on our agricultural offerings.

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