Motortronics is a worldwide leader specializing in the manufacturing of solid-state AC motor controls and motor protection products. Industrial Electrical Company’s trained team of professionals can help you get started with various Motortronics starters and motor protection systems. Browse our Motortronics selection. 




Motortronics Motor Controls

Motortronics makes starters for a wide range of applications, and Industrial Electrical Company is here to help you find the right starter for your needs. Whether you need a compact system for light- to medium-duty industrial equipment or a larger unit for heavy-duty motors, you can find a Motortronics model for the job through our inventory. We also carry motor protection systems that can save your equipment from overcurrents and undervoltage. 

Choose Industrial Electrical Company for Motortronics products like:

  • Low-voltage heavy-duty starters
  • Low-voltage light and medium-duty starters
  • Medium-voltage soft starters
  • Motor protection relays and monitors

Low Voltage Heavy Duty Starter

  • VMX Series Compact Soft Starter
  • VMX Configured Soft Starter
  • VMX S.A.F.E. Series

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VMX-PFE Series Soft Starter

Low Voltage Light/Medium Duty Starter

  • VMX-PFE Series Soft Starter
  • VMX-Agility
  • VMX-Synergy Soft Starter

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Medium Voltage Soft Starters

  • MVC Series
  • MVC ARC Series

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Motor Protection

  • RX Series – Motor Protection Relay
  • TE-RTD12 – Motor RTD Monitor

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