When to Call an Expert Electric Motor Repair Shop

When to Call an Expert Electric Motor Repair Shop

Electric motors are crucial for industrial operations because they power essential machinery. Knowing when to call an electric motor shop can help you maintain your motor, avoid damage and operate your business efficiently. Expert electric motor technicians know how to properly repair common electric motor issues, providing peace of mind that your motor is in qualified hands.

Dangers of Electric Motor Issues

Minor electric motor issues may seem insignificant at first, but you should address even the smallest issues as soon as possible. The dangers of electric motor issues that go unaddressed include costly repairs, system failure and production interruptions. Fixing a small problem before it causes further damage can save you money and prevent you from needing to purchase a new electric motor for your facility. It also reduces your electric motor’s downtime, helping your production remain on schedule. 

Signs to Call Electric Motor Experts

It’s important to be proactive about repairing electric motors. Scheduling professional maintenance as soon as possible can help you avoid more expensive repairs or electric motor replacements. You should contact an expert electric motor repair shop as soon as you notice any of the following signs:

Inadequate Performance

Inadequate performance is one of the main signs your electric motor needs service. Reduced performance can occur due to insufficient lubrication, improper mounting, dust accumulation or damage. If you notice your machinery is not operating at its normal performance level, you should schedule professional maintenance for your electric motor.


You should also schedule maintenance immediately if you notice any smoke coming out of your electric motor. An electric motor can overheat when there is an excessive current or a weak airflow. Scheduling repairs as soon as possible can prevent an electric motor from failing when it overheats.

Power Loss

Power Loss

Another sign your electric motor needs expert maintenance is sudden power loss. An electrical overload or a short circuit can cause your electric motor to shut down. Schedule maintenance for your electric motor as soon as you notice any power loss to prevent electrical issues from damaging its electrical system. Addressing this issue with professional help can help you avoid needing an electric motor replacement. 


Excessive vibrating or shaking indicates that your electric motor needs an inspection. Loose mounting bolts or bad bearings can cause an electric motor to vibrate, so you should turn it off as soon as you notice any shaking. An expert electric motor technician can perform dynamic balancing to resolve this issue and reduce vibration.

Common Electric Motor Problems

Professional electric motor inspections and repairs are crucial for industrial businesses because they help protect a company’s largest investment. Electric motors are responsible for operating industrial machinery to facilitate efficient production. To protect your electric motor and prolong its life span, contact an expert electric motor repair shop when you notice any issues with the following parts:


Bearings support an electric motor’s rotor function. They maintain a small, consistent air gap so the load can travel properly from the shaft to the electric motor. Professionals can check to ensure bearings are tight and well-lubricated for smooth operation. 


Excessive heat and heavy use can cause belts to wear over time. Belts can also shift and rub against other parts with excessive vibrations, leading to additional damage. It’s important to schedule regular inspections to make sure belts are in good condition and schedule repairs when a belt is damaged. 


An electric motor’s brushings are insulated rubber components that conduct electrical currents between stationary wires and a motor’s moving parts. They conduct currents safely through a grounded conducting barrier. Brushings are very durable and not prone to damage, but they can break down in dirty or moist environments. Conduction insulation issues can occur if a motor’s rubber brushings break down, so you should schedule regular inspections and contact a professional to replace your electric motor’s brushings if needed. 


Fuses are safety devices that prevent an electric motor from receiving too much power from its power source, which protects the electric motor from damage. The circuit blows anytime the electric motor or its associated machinery has a surge, preventing further damage. Schedule regular maintenance to have your fuses replaced regularly. 

Cooling Fans

Cooling fans prevent excessive heat buildup, which protects an electric motor from damage. Excessive heat can rapidly cause damage, so it’s crucial to schedule professional inspections regularly to ensure your electric motor’s cooling fans are in good condition. 


Wiring is an important part of electric motors, and it is susceptible to heat damage. Heat can degrade the insulation of an electric motor’s wiring, leading to further issues or system failure. An expert electric motor technician can inspect your electric motor’s wiring to ensure it is safe from heat damage and repair it if needed. 

Motor Windings

Motor windings are coil-shaped wires in an electric motor. Moisture and dirt can contaminate these wires and break the wiring insulation down, which degrades the electric motor’s performance. If this occurs, a professional technician can perform an electric motor rewind to resolve the issue and prevent further damage. 

How to Properly Maintain Your Electric Motor

Contacting an expert electric motor repair shop for regular inspections and necessary repairs is important. However, you can also take measures to prevent damage yourself. Prolong your company’s electric motor with the following tips:

  • Prevent power surges: Install variable speed drives to prevent excess energy from damaging your electric motor.
  • Reduce humidity: Moisture can damage your electric motor’s insulation. Store your electric motor in a dry space to prevent humidity. You can also install humidity control and humidity monitoring devices to keep moisture levels low and alert you when the electric motor’s environment is humid.
  • Reduce harmonic distortion: Harmonic distortions are high-frequency electrical volts that can disrupt a motor’s performance and damage windings over time. Installing a variable frequency drive can reduce harmonic distortion.
  • Keep the electric motor clean: Contaminants such as dust and dirt can corrode an electric motor’s components. Keep the electric motor well-lubricated and encourage engineers to clean their workspaces to reduce contamination.

Contact Industrial Electric Company for Electric Motor Repair Services

Contact Industrial Electric Company for Electric Motor Repair Services

Addressing electric motor issues before they cause further damage can reduce your company’s downtime and keep your production schedule on track. Electric motors are crucial to operating industrial machinery, so it’s important to schedule preventative maintenance and contact an expert electric motor repair shop when repairs are necessary. 

Industrial Electric Company (IEC) provides a wide range of electric motor repair services to help you maintain your machinery’s essential power source. Our certified technicians have the cutting-edge tools and training to address multiple maintenance issues and help you prolong your electric motor’s life span. Contact IEC to learn more about our electric motor repair services. 

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