September 2020
Power Delivery, Equipment Reliability and Being Prepared: 
Here’s how IEC can support you
Consider carefully what you will do when the power goes out and your business is at risk of shutting down. Plus, power failure isn’t the only risk today for industrial and commercial facilities. You need a contingency plan for your equipment, too.

Industrial Electrical Company (IEC) is the best tool in your toolbox, to help you plan, prepare, and address today’s challenges. Here are some suggestions to help you get started. 

Generate Backup Options Now
When catastrophic power failure takes place during disasters like our current wildfires, it can be too late to truly prepare. PG&E will often have already acquired all of the area’s generator rentals.

Don’t wait for a disaster. Get a quote on a standby generator for your facility and ensure any existing generator(s) are ready for full load extended duty to minimize your downtime.

Get a FREE Assessment and Emergency Plan

We provide free, emergency assessment and preparedness planning. PG&E may not be your only point of failure risk. Other internal problems could take you down. 

IEC recognizes that our customers depend on electric power to run your facilities, elder care homes, ski resorts, and other industrial and commercial sitesCall us today to schedule a visit and receive documented recovery procedures for getting your business back to operational if the power goes out or if other systems fail. 
Don’t Let Equipment Failure Take You Down
Is your switchgear and other equipment prepared for an outage? Don’t let equipment failure contribute to downtime. IEC can provide switchgear and other preventative maintenance, emergency response, arch flash safety, and NFPA70E compliance. Plus, our extensive in-house shop can provide equipment repairs and keep you prepared for almost anything. During the past few months, we have noticed a strategy taking place in the shadow of COVID-19. Capital improvement dollars seem to have shifted to repair budgets, allowing companies to authorize emergency repairs over new, replacement equipment.

IEC can help you predict failures and prepare for them with our skilled technicians and state-of-the-art predictive analysis using:

RDI camera to capture and troubleshoot complex motion anomalies 
     (Our newest technology that sets us apart in predictive analysis)

• Vibration analysis for early detection of machine errors

• Thermography to predict equipment failure points
…and much more.

We are also prepared to help with a healthy inventory of the most commonly used electrical/mechanical products, and over 200 talented, experienced, and well-trained craftsmen at your service, 24 hours a day. Our facility is capable of repairing nearly any rotating apparatus, and our sales and customer service experts will help you make informed decisions. 

Call us first - today. We can help.

Another Way to Prepare for Tomorrow is with Safety Certification Classes for Your Entire Team
Check out our online options, with registration discounts through the month of September.

NFPA-70E/OSHA Electrical Safety Training: Virtual via Zoom

This essential class gives you the interactive instruction you need to satisfy the OSHA & NFPA 70E standard requirements. It is designed for both Qualified and Non-Qualified workers, supervisors, and safety managers.
Our instructor, Scott DeLapp, has over 40 years of experience and has mastered the principles of AC/DC electric motors, machine control panels, drives, troubleshooting of commercial and industrial rotating electrical equipment, and OSHA/NFPA70E Arc Flash Safety & Compliance.

Lunch is on us! 

Attend two or more classes and/or have two or more employees of the same company attend the same class in September/October to receive a $15 e-gift card so they can lunch and learn!

Select the Track and Date that Fits Your Needs


This class is for workers NOT regularly exposed to energized electrical equipment and emphasizes safe work practices for non-electrical workers. Course is $200.
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October 9, 8 am-12pm
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November 6, 8 am-12pm
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Qualified Workers
This class is for workers regularly exposed to electrical hazards and emphasizes safe work
practices for electrical workers. Course is $200.

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Sept 25, 8 am-12 pm
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Oct 23, 8 am-12 pm
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Nov 20, 8 am-12 pm
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Did You Know?

OSHA electrical equipment standard number 1910.334 says:

1. Testing and monitoring may be done ONLY by qualified persons if over 50 volts.

2. Test instruments and equipment and their accessories shall be rated for the circuits and equipment to which they will be connected.

3. Test equipment will be designed for the environment in which they are used.

4. Test instruments and equipment and all associated test leads, cables, power cords, probes, and connectors shall be visually inspected for external defects and damage before the equipment is used. If there is a defect or evidence of damage that might expose an employee to injury, the defective or damaged item shall be removed from service, and no employee may use it until repairs and tests necessary to render the equipment safe have been made.

5. You MUST verify meter operation when levels are 50 volts or more (3 point test).

1. Test ANY known live circuit first.

2. Test the “circuit to be tested”.

3. Re-test at ANY known live circuit.
This is known as “live-dead-live” testing and is mandated by OSHA when voltages are above 250 volts.

It is also required by the NFPA 70E in Article 110.9(A)(4), “Operation Verification. When test instruments are used for the testing for the absence of voltage on conductors or circuit parts operating at 50 volts or more, the operation of the test instrument shall be verified before and after an absence of voltage test is performed.”

Recommended: Test meters for Commercial and Industrial Plant environments be a minimum of Safety Category III, 600V or 1000V and /or Cat IV, 600V

Want to learn about safe electrical test meter operations? Register for our Electrical Safe Work Practices course and learn more from our experts!

Thank You, Customers!

It’s the end of our fiscal year. Though we have had one of the most challenging years in our history, we are here because of you - our customers. Today we are not just surviving, but investing in the people, tools, and our facility to take us into the future and better serve our customers. We simply would not be here without you.
Here are some of our year-end highlights and planned investments:
  • Providing training for our operations and sales teams, to help them deliver improved customer service
    (with more coming!)
The Most Important Tools in Your Toolbox are Our Phone Numbers!
Modesto, call: 209-527-2800 
Fresno call: 599-292-4724
  • Conducting training for our technicians, to expand their capabilities on even more equipment
  • Investing in our facility for increased efficiency in all that we do

We’re a company that continuously invests in our people and infrastructure, to be of better service to you.

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