November 2020
Helping You Prepare for Year End
In this season of giving thanks, we appreciate you and want to be a resource to help you prepare for winter, for scheduled shutdowns, and for any unforeseen mechanical and electrical challenges. 

If you would like assistance, we also offer FREE emergency assessment and preparedness planning and invite you to call us today to schedule a visit and receive documented recovery procedures for getting your business back to operational if the power goes out or other systems fail. 

To help you predict failures and prepare for them, our skilled technicians can perform state-of-the-art predictive analysis, including:
• Thermography to predict equipment failure points
• Vibration analysis for early detection of machine errors 
• RDI camera to capture and troubleshoot complex motion anomalies …and more.

Thank you for your business and have a happy holidays from Industrial Electrical!

Preventative Maintenance

We hope that you are ready to end the year on the right track. In case you need a hand, we have you covered with a range of service options. Contact us for advice on next steps.

Also, for a little holiday cheer, when you schedule a preventative maintenance service with IEC’s field services division in 2020 we will provide you with a complimentary follow-up visit in 2021 – which includes a free post-repair baseline measurement, for more confirmation that your equipment is operating efficiently.

Questions? We would love to talk through your maintenance concerns and opportunities.
Dirty Jobs
Get down and dirty with our steam cleaning pit crew
Did you ever wonder why things work so much better after IEC completes motor service work in our motor shop? You might be surprised that one of our most overlooked and dirtiest jobs is also one of the most important in our company and to our customers. Getting a motor cleaned by our pit crew is key to ensuring that the aspects of service, like repairs and maintenance, improve your motor’s efficiency and reliability. We may not have TV’s Mike Rowe here to recognize the importance of this dirty job, but we sure appreciate our people in the pit!
Meet Jacob, the man behind IEC’s dirtiest job

Meet Arturo Cano, Mechanical Field Services Supervisor


Solving problems and providing great service is what our employees commit to every day for you. We are celebrating another exceptional team member this month, Arturo Cano, who represents the best of this commitment.

For 28 years, Arturo has provided a superior customer service experience for many people. From the day he knocked on our door and got a job in our mechanical services group, throughout his work on our mechanical and electrical teams and in the field, Arturo chalks his success up to the power of the teams within the company. He shared that IEC is full of skilled people who know that they can count on each other.

Arturo Cano, IEC Mechanical Field Services Supervisor

Today, Arturo is a Mechanical Field Services Supervisor, we know that many of our customers like you truly appreciate him -- so do we! Arturo shared what he enjoys most about his work. “I like to help people solve problems and prevent catastrophic failures. Customers can rely on all of us at the company to be ethical and committed as we provide solutions.”  

When he’s not out in the field on a job, Arturo enjoys spending time with his family, including fishing and working on cars with his son. Say hi the next time you see him in the field!

Our Culture Crew packs hygiene kits to help our community
Giving Back
IEC Modesto partners with the non-profit Shower Shuttle, a provider of free mobile showers and laundry service to the homeless in our community and to those in need.  Our employees recently assembled and donated 863 hygiene kits and 74 packs of socks to help restore hope and dignity to hurting people. Thanks to the employees in our 'Culture Crew' who continue to inspire us.
Did you Know?
By Scott DeLapp

Have you or your technicians ever had to guess about the need to replace an electric motor? You may have heard (or even said) things like:

  • “The overload relay keeps tripping, must be a bad motor.”
  • “Change that motor, the VFD is showing Ground Fault on the display.”
  • “The motor sounds good, but the amps are high.”
  • “It seems to start ok, then it stops after a few minutes.”
        Learn to circuit test a three-phase AC motor 
I have heard many similar statements during my 40 years as an electrical motor and controls service technician.

If you are a Qualified Electrical Worker, we invite you to learn how to use your digital multimeter and “Megger” to perform electrical circuit tests on a three-phase AC motor using our step-by-step guide.

Download your free guide now and reduce your guesswork as you perform a safe electrical motor evaluation.

Next month in Did You Know? We will feature: Troubleshooting Voltage and Amperage Problems for Three-Phase Motors.

These tips and more are from Part 3 of our Electrical Safe Work Practices two-day class - consider signing up today!

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