Safety First!

As an essential business, we want you to know that we strictly adhere to COVID-19 safety requirements as we continue to support our customers in the Central Valley and beyond. Safety has been our hallmark since we first opened for business in 1935, and is incorporated into everything we do, from the way we run our shop floor, to all of the electrical, mechanical and repair work we do in the field. In fact, we’re so dedicated to safety that hundreds of people have come to us for safety and industrial training.  

COVID-19 Isn’t the Only Risk Out There: How to Safely Make and Break Electrical Connections 

Traditional pin and sleeve plugs and receptacles pose a safety hazard, exposing you to the unnecessary risk of contact with live conductors and creating conditions for an arc flash event. We recommend the Meltric Plug and Receptacle, which is NFPA70E compliant. It’s also easy to use, durable and reliable.

Learn more here, or contact us today for a free sample.

Re-Building our Home for the Future

We support most of the food and beverage suppliers in the Central Valley, and thanks to our terrific partners, we continue to grow and expand even during these tumultuous economic times. 
In fact, we are rapidly re-building our building to accommodate that growth. More importantly, we have designed our facility so we can deliver more efficient services to our partners because we understand the importance of getting you back up and running as fast as possible. 

We’re excited to give you a sneak preview of our soon-to-be modernized facility! 
Right now, we’re in the demolition phase.

Ken & Michelle consult on plans     

The motor shop will feature large
bay doors       

The old training classroom

Our rebuilt, state-of-the-art facility is designed for maximum efficiency, so that your repair work gets done faster. It will feature: 

  • An updated motor shop, complete with huge bay doors and more lifting capacity, so we can work on larger motors and move jobs through with greater efficiency.
  • Revamped workflow and improved staging of processes to minimize inefficiencies that can delay projects.
  • Better access for customers, so you can see your repairs as they happen, and more space for our team members, so they can keep their “social distance” and be as safe as possible.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress!

Making the Case for Repair and Replace

We’ve all heard the phrase, “repair or replace,” but our advice is often “repair and replace.” Let’s say you bring a motor in for repair. While you wait for it to be fixed, how much is the unplanned downtime costing you? 

A lot, we know. That’s why we recommend buying a new motor and repairing the old one. We’ll give you a good deal on the repairs, and you’ll end up with a spare that will save you thousands in downtime. 
The biggest expense of motors? It's not the purchase price. It's the utility costs.
Use our online efficiency calculator and see how much your motors are costing you in utility fees. Then, talk to us about how much money you might save by repairing or replacing them- or repairing and replacing.

Summer Training Classes

This summer we are offering in-person classes for up to ten people at a time, allowing plenty of room for safe social distancing. We can also hold classes at your location. Our ever-popular Electrical Safety Class is now available online. 

Our classes are constantly updated to meet current California standards, so there’s always a good time to send new employees or those that need a refresher course. 
Because of reduced class sizes, registration is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Contact us for training on:
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • NFPA70E/OSHA Electrical Safety (in-person and online available)
  • Electrical Safe Work Practices

Did you Know?

The average home has HUNDREDS of electric motors! They power all kinds of devices from bathroom ceiling fans, to appliances, power tools and electric toothbrushes. In fact, there are three or four motors in your refrigerator alone.

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