Electrical Safe Work Practices

2 Day Class

Basic Electrical Safe Work Practices

Day 1-Part 1

In this 4-hour session we focus on OSHA/NFPA70E Guidelines for:
-Electrical Safe Work Practices and Qualified Electrical Worker
-Lock Out / Tag Out
-Arc Flash Awareness and Shock Prevention/Protection PPE
-Active Shock Contact Release Techniques

Using Your Test Meter Safely

Day 1-Part 2

In this 4-hour  session you will gain skills:
-Understanding Electricity
-Fundamentals and safe practices of a Voltage Tester
-Proper use of Multi-Meters & Ammeters
-Insulation Meter (Megger) operation and diagnostics

Hands- On Lab
testing with your test meter on our Trainer Panels

3-Phase Motor Troubleshooting

Day 2 – Part 3

In this 4-hour session learn the fundamentals of a 3-Phase AC Induction Motor.
-Troubleshooting Principals
-Crucial Maintenance Practices
-Troubleshooting 3-Phase Motor starters

Hands-On Lab Utilizing our trainer panels; practice your new learned skills by testing & troubleshooting a fully functional motor control circuit using your Ohm meter, Volt meter, Ammeter and Insulation Tester/Megger.

Schematics / Controls

Day 2 – Part 4

In this 4-hour session learn NEMA and IEC style ladder schematics including a Symbols chart, Common Control Wiring examples and on-screen software simulations.

Extensive Hands-On Lab:
Connecting various control devices (Switches, buttons, lights, control relay, universal timing relay) and troubleshooting problems.

Course includes:

  • 4 Part Course Book
  • Certificate for each participant
  • Hands-On Labs

Variable Frequency Drives

8 hour Class

8 hour Class

In this 8-hour class you will become fluent in all the common electrical terms associated with Variable Frequency control technology. Review fundamentals, components and theory on PWM (pulse with modulated) Variable Frequency operation.

You will learn crucial installation guidelines and practices. Programming necessary parameters and how to perform a controlled Motor/VFD Startup for manual and automatic controls.

We will teach you proven techniques on how to effectively troubleshoot and use fault code diagnostics. How to safely identify the source of the fault and determine corrective action.

After many years of experience; we will share our effective methods on preventative maintenance activities to help extend the life of your equipment.

Course Includes:

  • Course Book
  • Certificate for each participant
  • Hands-On Labs

Arc Flash/ NFPA70E Electrical Safety

8 hour Class

Our program is for all personnel, including supervisors and safety managers, who are responsible for the installation, troubleshooting, and electrical maintenance of controls and distribution equipment in your facility.

It is our primary goal that the training you receive will be useful and relevant to your day-to-day job activities. Our instructor is a hands-on technician who will ensure each student remains engaged throughout the training.

This instructor led 8 hour training program will satisfy the OSHA & NFPA 70E standard requirement. Upon Completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify electrical hazards in the workplace
  • Determine proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Understand their role in complying with OSHA/70 requirements
  • Establish an electrically safe work environment
  • Help prevent electrical accidents in your facility

Course Includes:

  • Course Book
  • Certificate for each participant
  • Hands-On Labs
  • Pocket PPE Reference Guide

Scott DeLapp