Solving premature bearing failures with Shaft Grounding techniques is a Mechanical Solution to an Electrical Issue.

Grounding Rings do not get rid of the destructive currents. They simply and effectively provide a path to motor casing. If the electric motor casing is not properly grounded, that stray current can and will go into other parts of the system…back to VFD, to the load, etc. To date this process is the most common and effective as long as the grounding ring is properly maintained and Grounded. “Properly Maintained” is an important key component of this equation. Over time these mechanical grounding rings are susceptible to external contamination which results in little to no effectiveness for shaft current grounding.

Industrial Electrical has recently been researching and experimenting with Inductive Absorber technology. Inductive absorption is an Electrical Solution whereas inductive components are placed over the drive cables to absorb the transient voltage and common mode currents.

Quick review on how that works …..
Shaft Grounding Rings

    1. Installation is not an exact science. In order for the grounding ring to work sufficiently, it must be properly aligned with fibers touching all sides, at all times.
    1. Shaft must be completely free of contaminants, and in some cases a coating must be applied to the shaft, which adds cost.
    1. They have to be replaced every time anything is done inside the motor, i.e. new bearings are installed.
    1. Literally hundreds of products to fit hundreds of different motor shafts or motor sizes.
    1. On systems above 75HP, a hybrid or coated bearing/raceway is needed on non-load side of motor.
    1. Shaft must remain clean from contaminants. Any material, oil/grease/corrosion/other, will cause the fibers to loose contact, and lose their ability to properly shunt the currents to ground.
    1. One product per motor. For example, a simple wall of fans driven by one drive, requires all motors to have grounding ring installed.

Grounding rings do not get rid of the destructive currents. They provide a path to motor casing.

Inductive Absorbers / Common Mode Choke

Inductive Absorbers absorb the noise on the power cables generated from the VFD before it gets to the motor. The cores act as a common mode choke (CMC) in this given configuration, and dissipates into thermal. No motor modifications, no shaft preparation, very easy installation. Can be added to systems with very minimal downtime.

Lasts the lifetime of system

    1. Installation can be done in a matter of minutes, on site.
    1. Shaft contaminants are not an issue since the currents are absorbed well before the motor.
    1. No extra parts because of motor keyways or wash-down applications. Cores are installed between motor drive and motor, even in harsh conditions.
    1. Last a lifetime of the system. Since it is not mechanical, they only need to be installed once
    1. No hybrid or ceramic coated bearings needed, no matter the size.
    1. Common mode chokes are designed to absorb common mode currents BEFORE they get to the motor.

Industrial Electrical Company is now stocking CoolBlue Inductive absorbers and has trained technicians available to you, on-site, to perform system diagnostics, Furnish and installation of CoolBlue Absorbers, and conduct Post testing with reporting on shaft current mitigation. If you would like to minimize your reoccurring costs of purchasing Electric Motors with added Mechanical Shaft Grounding, Costly Downtime derived from neglected Grounding Devices or poorly grounded equipment. Consider asking us about CoolBlue and how we can help extend your uptime and reduce your cost of ownership.

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Introducing Toshibas New AS3 Low Voltage Drive

New Sterling Products

The Primary Purpose of a VFD is to turn the Shaft of an Electric Motor Efficiently and Reliably. Wouldn’t you want your drive to be built by the industry’s leading Industrial Motor Manufacturer?

Introducing the new All Purpose Variable Frequency Drive from Toshiba. This new VFD is the latest version of the AS drive series with enhanced real-time communications and advanced features.

There are basically three classes of PWM Variable Frequency Drives on the market today. We classify them as Low Cost Shaft Turners, Commercial Rated and Industrial Rated. Most all PWM Drive constructions are identical (Excluding the Programming). However the major difference is the Quality of the Components/Semiconductors used in manufacturing. Manufacturers are challenged with managing Heat, Power Losses and Harmonics while offering a competitive drive in the marketplace.

Some manufacturers focus on Price above Reliability “Low Cost Shaft Turners”; using low cost components which typically have lower Thermal Thresholds subsequently resulting in a High Cost of Ownership.

Approximately 80% of our industry utilizes a “Commercial Rated” VFD where these manufacturers provide a product built with components that balance quality to cost. These drives offer a generally good drive for the cost that fits most moderately loaded applications.

“Industrial Drives” are manufactured with the Highest Grade of Components and Semiconductors. Targeted to offer the Lowest Cost of Ownership, Longest Life Span and capable of standing up to the most Demanding Applications. In the recent years Toshiba has focused on offering these Industrial Rated VFD’s at pricing levels that compete with the Commercial market.

We can now offer a superior drive option at a very competitive cost.

  • 150% Overload for 1-minute overload capacity
  • 180% Overload for 2-Seconds
  • Temperature Ranges from -10° to +60°C
  • Advanced LCD Keypad
  • Real Time Clock with Battery Backup
  • Embedded Web Server for easy Ethernet IP configuration
  • Pump Control
  • And Much More…….

AS3 Brochure 2016 [PDF]

AS3 App Note 1.0 Ethernet IP Basic Tutorial [PDF]AS3_Brochure_2016


Reuland Brakes
Solving premature bearing failures

“Ask any maintenance engineer. The fewer the moving parts, the less there is to break down and wear out”

Industrial Electrical Company is a proud distributor of Reuland Brakes. These incredible Brakes operate on a very simple principle: while the motor is running with power engaged, an electromagnet within the brake pulls back the pressure plate, allowing the friction discs and motor shaft to rotate freely. When power is cut to the motor, the electromagnet releases, instantly stopping the rotating discs and preventing the motor shaft from turning.

The Simple Secret inside our direct acting magnetic disc brake: ONLY ONE MOVING PART

Brake Brochure [PDF]

Introducing Toshibas New AS3 Low Voltage Drive